The National Museum of Wildlife Art, University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute and University of Wyoming Museum of Vertebrates would like to congratulate The Parade of Plumage Challenge Grand Prize Winner Susie Haberfled, the second place winner, Aaron Wright, and the ten runners up, Brian Touesnard, Jennifer Campbell-Smith, Joshua Christian, Van Remsen, Gabriel Willow, Andrew Mack, Valérie Boudreau, Beverly Chou, Thomas Ford- Hutchinson and Abigail Duvall.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Parade of Plumage Challenge!

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French artist Francois Nicolas Martinet was an 18th century engraver.  Perhaps his most notable work was producing bird pieces for prominent ornithologists of his time.  His engravings capture the images of birds throughout the world, from South American Cotingas, Asian Pheasants and Artic waterfowl. A few of the species he engraved are now extinct while others are common backyard birds.

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is exhibiting 98 of Martinet’s bird engravings from November 2014 - April 2015.  Many of these works lack species names, have outdated species identification or in a few cases were misidentified.


A panel of the world’s leading ornithologists have identified these birds.

Now it is your turn!


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Good Luck!